Nominations for Season 2 are now closed.

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#WeSeeYou Network

Welcome back. Three UK is a proud sponsor of Chelsea FC, and we understand the importance and power of a connected community. So, in partnership with Chelsea Football Club, we’re here to celebrate women in football with the #WeSeeYou Network.

The #WeSeeYou Network is a culture-shifting initiative, building a long-term community of role models, celebrating the abundant – but too often hidden – women in this field, and recognising the women who are the lynchpins of their sporting communities, and nurturing those who are set to do great things in the future.

In bringing together the power of our big network with the positivity of your sports network, we’re continuing to build a positive culture around women in this area at all levels, ensuring they’re seen, recognised and rewarded through opportunities, experiences, and mentorships.

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Together, let’s elevate women and the beautiful game.

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About the opportunities

The #WeSeeYou Network gives women in all areas of the football community the chance to participate in once-in-a-lifetime mentoring programmes, networking events, and specialist training in their chosen disciplines and passions.

This opportunity is open for all women involved in any aspect of this sport at any level, from stand-out players to the teams – on and off the pitch – that lift each other up. From social media masterminds to brilliant broadcasters, to pioneering players. And of course, pillars of the local sports community; those women who donate their time for the benefit of the people around them.

Nominations are now closed

#WeSeeYou Network Season 1

Last year, the response we had was overwhelming, with sportswomen, friends, colleagues, and teammates all nominated for the network. These women all deserve to be seen, recognised, and acknowledged.

Thank you for your entries and for shining a light on women in this sport. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store.

Nominations for Season 2 are now closed

Season 2 has seen nominations for remarkable women from across the country – thank you for sharing your inspirational stories. Nominations for Season 2 are now closed.

Check out our nomination categories for Season 2 and Nominee Gallery below.

Three UK & Chelsea FC Weekend Experiences and Mentorships

Nominations are now closed. All entries will now be reviewed by a dedicated panel from Three UK and Chelsea FC who will look at the contribution, leadership skills and stand out qualities that the individual or group bring to the game. Up to 30 nominees from each category will then be invited to attend a Chelsea weekend experience in March/April 2024 at which 1 nominee from each category will be selected to benefit from a mentorship experience tailored to them.

Find out more at FAQs and Terms and Conditions.

Nomination categories

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Look back at last year’s #WeSeeYou Network weekend experiences and mentorships – hear about the experiences of our inspirational nominees.

I met with the U.K. Lead Manager of IDA Sports, a young company that produces the best boots especially designed for women athletes, and introduced her to the women’s national football teams participating in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup this summer. Nothing would have been possible without Three. Five star connections and opportunities with the wow factor. Remarkable. Exceptional. Simply Three.

Ellen Chiwenga

I cannot describe the impact it has had on me. It gave me more confidence in my own ability and feel proud to have been chosen and can relay this into my team and push them to achieve more and more as someone out there will value what we do.

Varsha, Committed Coach

At age 55, with Parkinson’s and very new to the game compared to others, I was honoured to be amongst such a talented and skilful group of young women, whose love and enthusiasm for the game was infectious. The experience gave me even more motivation to look at what is possible in this life, and to encourage more women with Parkinson’s to enjoy such a fabulous team sport.

Annie Booth

The weekend was amazing. It was great to be in and around so many inspiring individuals from across the world. I really want to say a massive thank you to Three UK for giving us all the opportunity to meet, as well as connect and hopefully collaborate in the future.

Tyra, Committed Coach